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8.19 kW This house is one of seven (and more to come) solar
installation on its block.
9.84 kW We can position panels around vents and other
obstructions, even when there are many present.
6.76 kW Installations on the front of houses can mesh well with the
natural aesthetic of the house.
13.14 kW (Not all shown) On this dentist's office on route 520
5.64 kW This installation had to deal with trees and an unusual roof.  
Regardless, the homeowner is still achieving excellent solar
9.84 kW Again, obstructions such as vents and skylights are no
barrier to a large solar system.
5.535 kW If not engineered properly, a solar installation's production
can be greatly reduced. These dormers can produce a lot of shade,
but with careful placement these panels avoid any shading issues.
7.38 kW Even roofs that don't match the dimensions of the panels
can be prime solar real estate.
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